Why Must Visit

Four (4) Major reasons to visit Penang Signature Gold & Jewellery Fair (PSG) 2022

  1. The Only Gold Jewellery Trading Platform
    • Penang Signature Gold & Jewellery Fair (PSG) 2022 is the first gold exhibition organized in Southeast Asia, all GOLD Manufactures from Malaysia will showcase the special unique local design in The Only Gold Exhibition.
  2. Malaysia Gold Factory Visitation Arrangement
    • Trade buyers can look for potential business at PSG 2022 and visit to the gold factory to know more about the production line of Gold Jewellery in Malaysia. This is the first and the only opportunity for buyers to visit gold jewellery factory in Malaysia.
  3. Innovative and Influential Industry Seminars / Workshops
    • Receive a free entry pass for educational trade seminars or workshops held exclusively in PSG 2022 such as GOLD jewellery industry forum and etc.
  4. Source Malaysian-made quality jewellery products
    • Penang Goldsmith & Jewellers Association is supporting PSG 2022 to congregate a handful of Malaysia’s leading gold jewellery companies at one point.
    • Targeting over 60 exhibitors to showcase Malaysian-made premium gold jewellery collections with incredible crafting techniques and competitive price advantages that earn credit among the international jewellery industry.
    • These exhibitors are not participating in any other exhibition worldwide. This will be the first and the opportunity to know more about gold jewellery manufacturer.

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